Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My Big Daddy Dick In Las Vegas

I went to Vegas this past weekend to a friend's wedding ended up like this after a few drinks. I ended up meeting this Hot daddy 6'1 210 lbs, 8.5 cock and in very good shape, very aggressive. He kept looking at me and I could see him eyeing me across the floor. When I went outside to have a smoke and there he was. He stood next to me. For a minute he didn't say anything. Then he finally spoke and asked me how my night was going. I told him that I was having a good time. He knotted his head. Then he whispered in my ears and asked me if I wanted to go up to his room. He said that I was hot and he wanted to fuck me. Told me to meet him outside at the lobby. I said my goodbyes to my friends and headed out to the lobby. He then led me to the elevator. I hopped in the elevator and as soon as the elevator closed he grabbed my ass and said what a nice ass I got and it needs his big cock inside it. We got out of the elevator and headed to his room. He was on the 23rd floor of the hotel and had a nice balcony. Fuck I was so horny. He threw my on the bed and pulled my pants down and I bent over and he started eating my ass. My ass was so hungry that it didn't take it long to open up for his tongue. I moaned and moaned. The deeper he put his tongue in the louder I got. Thank god the room was big enough and I don't know if he had neighbor or not but I didn't care. I told him to fuck me but he said not yet. He instructed me to lay on my back with my head on the edge of the bed and suck his cock. He forced his cock in my mouth causing me to gag. But eventually I got used to it. He face fucked me for awhile and I can taste his precum. He kept asking me if I am ready for daddy cock and I kept saying I want daddy cock in my hole. He then flipped me over and pulled my leg back. Spit on my hole and pushed his cock on the tip of my hole. Needless to say my ass suck his big cock right in. With one pushed his whole cock was deep inside my hole. I felt his big balls against my ass. He started to pump his cock in and out of his my hole. He talks dirty to me while fucking me which makes me want him even more. He asked me if I like daddy cock, ask me if I want more, and ask me if I wanted daddy cum. I love the fact that he is in control and he is getting it. Then he lays next to me and puts me on the side and lifts one of leg up and enters his cock inside. I put my hand down there and feel his cock going in and out of my ass. He would pushed it all the way in and pull it all the way out. Repeatedly he would do that to me. He said you want daddy cum, you want it, and I said yes give it to me. Not long after that he shot his load inside my hole and when he pulled his cock out, cum was dripping out. That was one of my hottest fuck I had in awhile. Hopefully when I return to Las Vegas I will get another load like that.

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