Monday, 26 May 2014

Bang by two Latinos

Yesterday after work my Latin friend text me and wanted me to go over to his place. I asked him what he wanted to do and he said just to hang out. So after work I head over to his place. When I got there he was not alone. His other friend was and he was hot as well. So the three of us are just hanging out and having a drink. I know my friend when he drinks he gets horny and is a very touchy person especially with me.

I went into the kitchen to get a drink and he followed me. I stood there pouring my drink he stood behind and whispered in my ear and told me he was horny and wanted me to get on my knees and suck his cock in the kitchen. I said what about his friend? He said its okay he doesn't mind. So with out any hesitation I get on my knees and he pulls out his uncut cock and shoves it in  my mouth. His cock taste so good. Five mins into it his friend walks in on us and sees me on my knees and ask his friend if he can join us. They both remove there pants and both was shoving their cocks in my face. I took turns servicing both of them until I can taste both of their precum. I got off my knees and they took me to the living room. We all stripped down and one sat down on the couch and I sucked him and put my ass up and the other ate me out. He stuck his tongue in my ass and started to fuck me with it. Both had about 8 inches of hard uncut cock with nice mushroom head. It felt so good that both of my holes were being played with. His friend rimmed my hole so good. I love it and I almost came but had to hold it. He made my ass so wet that his cock can just slide right in. After I lay on my back and then one of them stuck his cock in my mouth and pulled both my legs back and the other one slipped his cock inside my hole. He went in and out of hole while the other one worked my mouth. My friend kept saying "Fuck his ass good. He is a little slut." It felt so good and my ass was so wet. Now it was my friend's turn to work my hole. I lay on my stomach and he pushed his cock inside my hole all the way in. He didn't waste no time and just kept pounding me hard. His friend would spread my ass cheek and my friend kept pushing his cock in and out of my hole. He kept going and going and then his friend couldn't hold it anymore and shot it load all over my face and stuck it back in my mouth while my friend shot his load inside my hole. We all crashed on the floor with him still inside me and top of me. He slowly pulled out his cock and I feel the cum dripping out of my hole. It was so much fun and hope I can do this again.

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