Thursday, 24 July 2014

Recent LA Fun

Sorry this is a late post. Been busy after my business trip to LA and now getting back to my normal routine. My last leg of my trip I had a couple days to spare. Of course I have been there many times so I know the area pretty well. I have a fuck buddy that I usually will call or text and see what he is up.  So sent him a text and he responding right away. Here is how the text went.

Him: Hey 
Me: How are you?
Him: Good, how long are you here for?
Me: Til Monday 
Him: Horny???? lol
Me: Of course, You?
Him: Always horny, want to play tonight?
Me: Yes, What time?
Him: 9pm tonight my place?
Me: I will ready
Him: Wear some sexy undies, you know that makes me horny
Me: Ok will do
Him: btw couple of my friends are coming over, you ok with that?
Me: yea sure, they gonna play with us?
Him: yes well turn it into gang bang, well take turns on your ass and mouth. 
Me: Stats on them? Top or Bottom???
Him: John Top 45, 6'1, 175lbs, Shawn Vers Btm 41 5'6 150, Dave 50 daddy type, top 6'3 190lbs 
Him: They are fun to play with.
Me: wow def will be ready
Him: see you at 9

I needed to get ready, I hopped in the shower to get ready. I shaved my hole nice and clean. Since he told me his friends are coming then I better look my best. I put on my red thong as requested (Shown Below in Pic).
Got into my rental car and headed out. I text him to tell him that I am in the front and he said that the front door is unlock. I walked in and open the door and see about 4 men including my friend naked and sucking each other off. I got undress and I hear my friend say leave your underwear on and come in here. I walked in and all of them have a hard on. They were all hot. My friend Pete who is 6'1, 39 yo, 180 lbs, 8 inch cock. Shawn was sucking Pete while Dave was rimming John. Perfect timing for me.....Pete grab me and had me and Shawn share his cock...Both of us licking his cock and then tonguing each other. Both of us had our asses up in the air. Dave and John came over and planted their tongues in our asses. Dave was eating my ass out. He did it so well and I was moaning like crazy. John carried Dave and went off into the bedroom and left me, Dave, and Pete alone in the living room. Pete kept his cock in my mouth while Dave fingered my hole and was rimming me and then would rub his hard cock against my hole. I would kiss my friend and then he hold my head down to his cock. He would repeatedly do that....We also would hear the other two moaning in the bedroom. Shawn was getting his hole fucked good.....

They both switch position and now I had my friend eating my hole and I am sucking on Dave's cock. His daddy cock was so hard and I could taste the precum leaking out. My hole was wet and was begging for cock. Dave held both of cheeks apart and my friend lube his cock and my ass and stuck the head of his cock into my hole. My hole was tight so he knows to go in slowly. Usually it hurts a little but I was focus on Dave's cock that it just felt damn good. Then he pushed his cock all the way in til his cock was slapping against my ass. I hear Dave saying fuck his ass good. They both took turns on my ass and mouth ....... Shawn and John came back out. I got on all fours on the couch and Shawn was on top of me, both of our asses out and Pete fucked the both of us. He would slide into my ass and then pull out and then put it Shawn's ass. Couple strokes and then rotated on our asses ....  Then all 3 of the guys was using both of our asses mouth at the same time. The two of us moaning like crazy..........I was thinking to myself that I can't believe how amazing this felt....Then it was one on one, two on one, fucking in various positions.....So right before everyone was going to CUM... I was on my back legs up and Shawn was next to me same position......My friend holding both of our legs up with his cock in our faces, Dave pounding my hole, John fucking Shawn..... I could feel Dave wants to blow because his breathing got loud and my ass was so wet from his precum and it just slippery and my friend could hold it any longer that he blew his load gave us a facial and John and Dave blew there load on our asses.......John and Pete collapse on the floor, while Dave (who is the naughty one) stuck his cum covered cock back in my hole and collapse on me and gave me a kisses and said I want to fuck you again.....I smiled and he pulled his cock out and collapse beside me....

This is was the best experience I had with these guys. When I go back in a few months definetly will have to do this again..........

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